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 DF:BHD Revival

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PostSubject: DF:BHD Revival    DF:BHD Revival  Icon_minitimeFri Apr 08, 2016 4:44 am

DF:BHD Revival

Dear Older Gamers,

This is a message to announce the development of DF:BHD Revival, an update to the classic PC game Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (inc team sabre).

As players we are making this for players and will therefor be addressing old issues and creating lots of new functionality.

While under development we are calling this project, BHD Revival. Once we're ready to release, we may rename the update.

Everyone involved with this project remembers BHD in the old days, busy servers and great times. We all want that time back. Its that simple.

Breaking down our update into seperate componants, we are hoping to address the following:-

- Display : More screen ratios -> Support more screen ratio options; 16:9, 16:10 etc. (all games)
- Organisation : Clan Management -> Centrally stored lists of clans, ranks and players.
- Organisation : Leagues & Tournements -> Centrally scored and organised leagues and tournements.
- Gameplay : Left lean bug -> Make player equally visible when left leaning. (all games)
- Gameplay : No f4 mode -> Remove third person view. (server / host option)
- Gameplay : Ammo discarding -> After reloading remining bullets in clip will be digarded. (server / host option)
- Gameplay : Loadout affects speed -> As ammo is depleated, player speed increases. (server / host option)
- Gameplay : Loadout change scope -> Optional scope for various weapons. (all games)
- Servers : Anti-Cheat -> Server based anti-cheat software that does not require a client installation. (server / host option)
- Servers : Central Server List -> Single central server list, to replace pinger and novalogic. This will enable direct game connection and will not require a VPN like game ranger. (all games)
- Servers : Central Server Stats -> A new updated stats system, with protected stats, medal and rank loss and much more. (all games)
- Servers : Protected Player StatS -> Players will be required to signup to a central website and assign IP addresses to their account. (all games)
- Servers : Rentable Services -> To help cover our expenses and provide prize funds, we maybe offering our hosting solutions.

More Ideas
- A *World Cup* for national BHD teams, like the former Squad Warfare
- Clan leagues based on ClanBase and ESL
- New GameType like in CS. If you die of a headshot or knife, you remain dead and must wait till the end of map.

Want to help?
Throughour this project we will need help, from people of all skillsets. If you have something to offer, get in touch.

We dont just want workers, we'll need testers and your ideas. If you'd like to participate again, get in touch.

We will post a list of required jobs as we need them.

We're hoping to revive DF:BHD one piece at at time. With your support, we can make this happen.

Thank you
BHD Revival Team
More information coming soon.

DF:BHD Revival  Lonewo11
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DF:BHD Revival
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