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Christmas Outbreak - Deadline Mod

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Christmas Outbreak - Deadline Mod

Post by tony991 on Sun Feb 14, 2016 6:48 pm

Christmas Outbreak - Deadline Mod
Map made by tony991
Edited by Baldo the Don
Download the map here....

A secure military transport traveling from Watertown, New York to Limestone, Maine is carrying a biological weapon. If released, this chemical will not only have an effect on human life but will reanimate dead tissue. The gas vapors are heavy and stay close to ground level. The vapors easily combine with water making the chemical easily transferable into the atmosphere. If introduced into the atmosphere, it will have a tremendous impact on the entire region… You are a gas station attendant working second shift on the outskirts of a small town in New Hampshire. Not one vehicle has stopped by to fuel up today, which is surprising because this is the only gas station for miles and it’s ski season... It's like there's an apocalypse! Suddenly there is a loud crash down the street so you go outside to investigate. There’s two military cargo trucks-one has rolled over and the other crashed into a telephone pole knocking out power to the East. There was shooting, screaming and now silence...You run inside and grab your 12 gauge pump from under the counter. Soon after you get back outside, a humvee comes barreling toward you and crashes into a concrete barrier. You open the humvee door and a dead soldier falls out. By the looks of it, he didn’t just die in the accident… You step back, look around, the undead are heading straight for you!! This map was made for NSO Deadline zombie mod.


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