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 Operation Village Assault Map Creator: joselz

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PostSubject: Operation Village Assault Map Creator: joselz   Sat Dec 13, 2014 9:03 pm

Map Description:

Mision Briefing:

When: Immediatly after briefing
Where: Jungle with fog

Ecuador is at war with Peru. Aerial Recon has detected a village just inside the Amazon Rainforest. Our Recon troops say the village is occupied by Peruvian forces, and all civillians (Indians) have been evacuated.
Also, Recon says there is a force of at least 200 Peruvian Infantry in the village. Some troops are inside the village and others are patrolling the outskirts of the village.

Ecuadorian army is preparing a combined forces assault-invasion of that village.

The assault units:
6 squads (inculding your team). Each squad is comprised of 3 men.
And 3 vehicles would Provide cover fire in the operation

The assault teams will infil via LCAC's.
Once the assault teams are on the ground, each squad will follow a different route into the village. Follow your own route (waypionts). You Need to eliminate all Peruvian forces in the village and any enemy forces you encounter in the area.
Once "ALL" enemy forces are eliminated, all squads will meet at the designated rendevous point. Then, a Black Hawk will arrive at the village and insert additional soldiers to provide security for the village.

The assault should take No more than 15 minutes. The assault teams will begin from a small Army camp and prooceed to the village via LCAC.

Good luck soldier.......Any comments are welcome

Download Here

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Operation Village Assault Map Creator: joselz
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