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Arms Dealer thrashing Map Creator: Timber3050

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Arms Dealer thrashing Map Creator: Timber3050

Post by LoneWolf on Sat Dec 13, 2014 2:10 am

Map Description:

We have discovered an Arms dealer operation in the jungles of Congo that is believed to be supplying to Al Quida. The conditions are right, it is early morning and fog will hide your squad. This is to be a stealth mission. Circle the perimeter of the compound and take out the gaurd towers. If a guard gets a shot off the men in the compound will hear it and alert other links via radio. Once the guard towers are eliminated, proceed to the radio building and destroy all equipment. After this, stealth is not necesary, but will make your mission less dificult if maintained. Destroy everything in the camp that can be used against the US or any of its Allies.

Download Here

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